So, here is what you are always telling me:

“If I could just get an audience with that guy, get to know him a little bit. I have no doubt I could sell him on how we can help his organization.”

Right? Isn’t that what you are always saying? But, instead, most of you go ahead and cold call, knock on their door, or try to break through the evil gate keeper on the phone.

That’s the hard way to do it. We have a better way.

Podcasting. Internet Radio. Real, human conversations.

Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio adds another way for consumers looking for homes to connect with Atlanta’s most popular real estate site, Atlanta Real Estate Forum. Additionally, it provides us with a way to meet prospective clients and interface with the Atlanta real estate community. Since launching the show, we have been able to close several new clients. I attribute this to the direct outreach the show affords us. | Carol Flammer, managing partner, mRELEVANCE

Let me put it simply: It is a heck of a lot easier to invite someone to be a guest on your business podcast/radio show, and get to know him or her in that relaxed, helpful format, than to try to get through to them by cold-calling.

Todd and Todd, you two should be on weekend morning talk radio. Very professional with good questions.” | Jack Nale

In the end, you get what you want, which is the chance to spend time with the decision-makers you need to get in front of, and expedite the relationship-building (and trust) you need for business development.

We host a series of shows for our clients that enable our clients to expedite the building of that relationship with the decision-maker critical to the business development of your organization…

“Todd and Todd, this was one of the best interviews I’ve ever participated in, sales or otherwise; great questions, great conversation; many thanks.” Charlie H. Green

We have a studio. And if you are in Metro Atlanta, and want to host a show with us, send us a note.

But even if you don’t have access to our studio, or your prospects and guests are spread around the world, the tools and apps available to host and produce your own radio show are accessible.

Chris Brogan

We can help you:

  1. By strategizing with you to integrate it into your sales and marketing mix.
  2. Teach you how to use all the tools and apps.
  3. And co-host and produce your show for you.
  4. By teaching you how to use podcasting (and the content) to make sales.

How does podcasting help you make sales?

  1. Great way to get to know your prospects.
  2. Allows you to nurture leads.
  3. Fill your funnel with real – and viable – prospects.
  4. Builds trust.


Oh, and it is a HECK OF A WAY to advance the content marketing program for your organization too.

Here are other things you say to me: “I don’t know what to blog about,” OR “We have nothing to say on social media.”

Hosting your own podcast/radio show solves those two problems.

GOSH, forgot one other important thing: The content generated on your podcast/radio show is a GREAT WAY to educate your market.

And isn’t that what your marketing program is supposed to do? Educate your market? Teach people how you can solve problems and drive revenue for their business?

Of course it is.

But gone are the days when boring ole’ collateral is enough. Gone are the days when knocking on doors and hoping they take your call are as effective.

The interviews from your podcast:

  1. Become searchable, indexed content on the search engines.
  2. Help your guests get more exposure…
  3. …which in turn, gets you more exposure.
  4. Are great pieces of content to share on social media…
  5. …and your blog.
  6. Strengthen SEO (search engine optimization).
  7. Becomes sales aids for your sales force.
  8. Available to a potential buyer 24 hours a day.

To learn more about how to implement podcasting into your sales and marketing programs, email us here to schedule a free consultation.