About Us

Dreamland Interactive thinking helps
move a greater number of larger opportunities through your funnel faster.

Clients leverage our e-Rep services to:

  • Generate Leads
  • Qualify Prospects
  • Nurture Relationships
  • Reduce Sell Cycles
  • Stretch the Day of the Sales Professional

An e-Rep is a digital extension of the B2B sales professional; an “electronic alter-ego.” With Dreamland’s ever-improving processes, sales teams learn how to continuously harvest their own vast collection of knowledge, experience and insight, embed that intelligence in an electronic format (text and/or image and/or audio and/or video) then distribute and promote it via a wide variety of electronic media like web sites, blogs, e-newsletters, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

The resulting e-Reps supplement, extend and offload repetitive tasks from the sales team.

Not quite ready to deploy a full-blown e-Rep for each of your sales professionals?  Take a few baby steps first with Trade Show Radio, a Podcast, or a Sales Excellence Council

The Team:

Todd Youngblood – Todd’s curiosity has been a core characteristic of his nearly 40 years in sales, executive management, entrepreneurship and consulting.  His genetic “need to know more” enables his radio guests to articulate the heart of the value they and their organizations deliver.

Todd SchnickTodd Schnick – Todd learned about marketing and sales the hard way, in the political trenches. A survivor of countless political campaigns, Todd has started six companies, and has the scars from twenty years of politics, sales and marketing battles.