5 reasons to integrate ebooks into your sales and marketing process

Todd SchnickI want you to be an author.


A published author.

Yes, the kind of author where people go to Amazon to buy your book(s).

It has never been easier to write and publish books. Why should you even consider this?

1. Because, despite how simple the process is, most people won’t do it. And thus, you will stand out in the marketplace.

2. Modern digital tools do make it very simple.

Todd Schnick3. Unless you are fooling yourself and your market, you have ALL the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences you need to write a book and publish it to the world.

But despite this, most people won’t do it. Why?

1. Lazy.

2. They are afraid the market will find out they don’t really know anything.

Still hung up on this idea?

1. You don’t have to write 100,000 words. Heck, five to ten thousands words is PLENTY sufficient.

2. You don’t even HAVE to write. You can use a tool like Dragon Dictation, and speak it. Dragon will transcribe it. All you have to do is edit the transcription.

Todd Schnick3. Books published to Amazon are found in Google search results. This helps your SEO and findability.

4. Other than your time, publishing to Amazon can be FREE.

But don’t do it because it is FREE, do it because it helps you stand out in the marketplace.

Do it because you have knowledge to share to help your target audience.

Do it because sending a sales prospect a (free) copy of your book to help them better understand a critical concept or idea is important to advancing your sales opportunity.

Do it because publishing a book establishes you as an expert in your field.

[And yeah, do it because it is frickin’ cool to have books for sale on Amazon. And that you can add “author” to all your biographies.]

OK, wise guy. Tell me how I do this.

1. Create a free Kindle Direct Publishing account here.

2. Write your book in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, or (my heartfelt recommendation) Pressbooks.com.

3. Take the outputs from any of these solutions, and simply upload to Amazon. (and/or Barnes + Noble and iBookstore if you choose).


As you’ve seen above, I’ve included mock-ups of three covers of new books I am currently working on. As you can see, even I can do this. Which means, you can do this.

It amazes me when people I DO NOT KNOW reach out to me on Twitter telling me they loved my book. How amazing is this? Amazon, and digital books on all available platforms, is simply amazing.

But a real shame that most people are NOT taking advantage of new opportunities to be found, to better serve their market, and fully plug into the Matrix that is Amazon, which is changing the game on how people connect to and learn about the world around them.

People are reading content on their Kindle, smart phone, or tablet each and every day…

It might as well be YOUR book.

NEXT IN THE SERIES: “Ok, I’ll write a book. But what in the hell would I write about?” We’ll give you some ideas…


The second edition of The Zen of Sales will be out soon, but if you want to go ahead and see what I am talking about, check out the first edition here:

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