The Manufacturer’s Mind Share

Many manufacturing companies go to market through a network of distributors.  The strategy makes a ton of sense.   The strong distributor is a selling machine with a laser-beam focus on building relationships with the exact right set of decision-making executives.  And there are lots of them out there; providing the means to dramatically increase the number of the exact right sets of ears your message can reach.

Maintaining the mind share of distributor sales reps, though, is like herding cats.

These folks are smart, aggressive, success-driven and militantly customer-centric.  BUT…  They’ll typically have 20 or so lines to represent, and the manufacturer who blinks gets ignored.  Mind share can go to zero minutes after the factory rep leaves the building.

Maintaining the mind share of distributor sales reps is critical!  (and horrendously difficult…)

So what more can be done?  Here’s a thought…  Why not set up a highly targeted, internet-distributed, “narrowcast” radio show with your distributor reps as the sole target audience?  Tailor the whole thing specifically to them; how they can make more money with your products; how they can delight customers with your products; how they can apply all of your resources to sell more faster.

Here’s an example of what your radio show site might look like.

The only difference is the specific topics.  Interview your product specialists about new offerings.  Interview distributor reps who just landed a big deal.  Interview customers who love your offerings.  Interview…

Every interview is of intense interest to distributor reps and:

  • Is attention-grabbingly different and cool
  • Is available on demand and 24 x 7 x 365
  • Is available both online and via podcast on any mp3 player (iPod, etc.)
  • Adds yet another weapon to an ever-expanding selling arsenal
  • And a extra goodie… Enhances the relationship with every guest BIG time

First and foremost, every interview grabs more distributor mind share.

Think about it…

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