Resisting change

I naturally like change and being in sales for going on 40 years, I’m quite accustomed to urging others to change and succeeding quite regularly.  Change is good.  Change is essential.  I get it.  I support it.  Without change no progress occurs – ever.

That said, I draw the line at single spacing after periods.  Damn it, I will continue to double space after periods.  I don’t care that Word Press doesn’t like it sometimes mucking up my blog post formatting.  I don’t care that I see and understand the impeccable logic of the single space.  I don’t care the typesetting and printing industries agree that I am wrong; stubborn; resistant to change.

It all started with my grandpa’s typewriter.  As a little kid, I was so impressed with how he used all ten fingers to bang out copy at amazing speed.  The keys would fly and the clack, clack, clack was soooo cool.  I remember wondering how I could build up my pinky finger strength to actually type a letter with them.

One of Quakertown High School's Underwood Touchmasters

It continued under the tutelage of Mrs.  Barnett, my 9th grade typing teacher.  She insisted – insisted I say – that we all double tap the spacebar on our Underwood Touchmasters every time we hit that period key.  “Only an undereducated nincompoop single spaces after a period,” she’d remind us.

The habit strengthened markedly when my parents bought me that electric Smith-Corona when I went off to college.  Not to mention the speed!  Then I got a job selling computers for IBM.  Selectric typewriters with those golf ball looking things everywhere!  Some magnetic storage card equipped versions even.  Some of them could store as much as eight thousand characters.

Then came the PC and proportional fonts.  That ruined everything.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love technology.  I won a $5,000 suggestion award for implementing an e-mail-like application of VM/CMS in 1983 – before I or anyone else I knew had ever even heard the term “e-mail.”  (Bonus points for anyone who knows what VM/CMS is!)  I started my e-newsletter Think About It in 1999.  I passed the 500 mark for LinkedIn connections years ago.  Texting makes me more productive.  I like Twitter because it’s useful and helps me sell more.  And on and on.

I am not technophobic.  But I am not giving up the after-period double space.

It’s my own little rebellion.  It’s my expression of individuality.  My thumbing of my nose at the next latest greatest techno tool.  Besides, if I don’t resist change for something, my head will explode.

So go ahead.  Feel free to pick your own, personal change to resist.  It’ll make you feel better.

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