If I were an industry association conference…

If I were an industry association conference, I’d want to set a record for the most attendance ever.  I’d tell my association’s Executive Director to do something different to get more members motivated to sign up and attend.  And I’d be specific about how to do that promotion.  It would be something that provided value in and of itself along with articulating the value of the actual conference.  I’d hire a business radio talk show host to:

  • Interview the Executive Director and the Association President about the content and value of the conference
  • Interview all the speakers to provide a “taste” of what folks will learn
  • Interview a few high-credibility members about why they plan to attend

Then I’d:

  • Publish all the interviews on a special conference web site
  • Provide a “listen online” and a “download” button for each
  • Make all the interviews available via iTunes

And then I’d:

  • Send an e-mail to every member each time an interview is published
  • And also share that info via LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms

And then after the conference I’d:

  • Celebrate my record attendance! (…caused by the creative, brilliant promotion)
  • Conduct another series of interviews to follow up on conference highlights
  • Begin promoting the next conference

That’s what I’d do if I were an industry association conference…

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