Current Research About Why Podcasting Still Matters To You

I listened to a research presentation recently by Tom Webster, VP of Strategy and Marketing, Edison Research.

In it, he discussed some preliminary findings from their research on podcast consumer patterns conducted in 2012 that will be unveiled at BlogWorld next week.

Below are what I find to be the critical and relevant findings:

1. In the past month, 45 MILLION Americans listened to a podcast. To repeat, this isn’t over the past year, this is in the past month. That’s a lot of people…and that’s just Americans…

2. 29% of ALL PEOPLE have listened to podcasts, which is at its highest level ever. And 26% of all people have viewed a video podcast, also the highest level ever.

3. 54% of podcast consumers are male. So, if your target market or market segment buyers are male…. (hint, hint)….

4. Podcast consumers are NOT receptive to traditional advertising, meaning they are the kind of people who get their news online instead of newspapers, and fast forward through TV commercials on the DVR. Why is this relevant? Podcasts are a great place to reach these people. And they are affluent, and they are high ticket buyers.

5. It is believed that smart phones are driving this increased recognition and engagement with podcasts and videocasts. Some of you think podcasting is dying. WRONG! In fact, thanks to smart phones, it is GROWING.

6. There is a large enough market segment that understand and are devoted to calling them podcasts. But, more and more people are responding to “shows” as opposed to “podcasts.” So, think about calling your audio content a show.

7. It is becoming less and less about “subscribe and download,” and more about “ON DEMAND.” Think about making sure your audio content is EASILY available for on demand consumption.

8. Podcast consumers are WILD about YouTube. So, if you put out a podcast, consider some way of simulcasting on YouTube. At least, minimally running sound bites on YouTube.

9. Podcast consumers are very active on the social web, particularly Facebook. So, be sure you are publishing your content on that network. Yes, this applies to EVERYONE, even those who say “I don’t have time for Facebook,” or the maddening, “My prospect base just isn’t on Facebook.” If you podcast, you have to play in the Facebook sandbox.

10. 23% of podcast consumers listen nearly every day. Every day! And a good percentage of those listen in the car.

11. 50% of podcast consumers are 34 years old or younger. What does this tell you? As NEW people enter into your market, they will be more and more responsive to audio content. So, you better be in that ballgame before your competition grabs all the new market share…

Podcast and internet radio are here to stay, and them some. Time to saddle up.


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