5 Additional Ways Content Marketing Can Take You To The Promised Land

We talk a lot about content marketing around here.

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Content marketing is a CRITICAL component to your customer acquisition and revenue generation efforts. Of that, there is NO doubt. And yes, you should effectively integrate a content marketing strategy along all of the stages of your sales process.

But it is more than that. By far.

1. Content marketing has an important role to play in your public relations (PR) efforts. You can newsjack your way into important global conversations in your market space, but only if you are contributing (read: making content) to the conversation in your market.

2. Content marketing can be an essential piece in your investor relations efforts, to keep them up-to-speed on what is happening with “their” organization. This can be internal content, too.

3. Most websites have a FAQ Sheet, where you address the most commonly-asked questions your organization receives. Your content marketing strategy can be a very creative and memorable way to fulfill this purpose.

4. You have customers. You need to maintain those very important relationships. You want to deepen their loyalty. So, a content strategy can be a really fun, and helpful, way to provide continuing education and support to your customers. This can be internal too.

5. You have a very specific customer you are looking for, but it is never a bad idea to provide general knowledge to a broader market place. This can help build goodwill, and generate referral opportunities. Here’s an example of a little project along this score.

So while your content marketing strategy is an important piece to your organizational sales and marketing efforts, it can also play a mission critical role in many other communication essentials too.


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Drawing by Hugh MacLeod.

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