Growing Mind Share = Growing Sales

Mind Share; the percentage of a person’s brain cycles dedicated to some topic. For a sales professional, it’s the percentage of a customer’s brain cycles focused on the value your products/services can provide.

The higher your mind share gets, the more you sell.

So measure Mind Share!!!

Now an intriguing question…  Is your average mind share per decision maker greater than, less than or equal to that of the average rep?  Getting the answer to that question is a heck of a challenge, but having way above average mind share means way above average sales achievement.  So how can you begin to get a handle on it?

Start with a rough cut for your 10 most important contacts.  (Use this tool.)  Estimate the number of minutes each contact invests per year in:

  • Meeting with you face-to-face
  • Talking to you on the telephone
  • Reading text written by you (Things like E-mail, Proposals, Blog posts, Other…  Assume for now that people read about 250 words per minute)
  • Reading text written by others about the value you can deliver (Brochures, Catalogs, White Papers, Articles, Case Studies, Blog Posts, Other)
  • Listening to a live presentation about the value you can deliver
  • Listening to a podcast about the value you can deliver
  • Watching a video about the value you can deliver
  • Other

Add up all those minutes, then divide by 525,600 minutes per year.  Actually make that 527,040 since it’s a leap year.  (Just kidding…). Multiply the result by 100,000 to make it an easier number to think about; let’s call it the “Mind Share Index.”

What do you think of your answers?  How do your good customers compare to your not-so-good customers?  To your prospects?  How high does the index need to get before somebody buys?  What’s the most effective way to boost the index?  What’s the most efficient way to boost the index?

I’ll answer those last two questions for you.  Get ’em reading more blog posts, listening to more podcasts and watching more videos.  Did I say, “e-Rep?”

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