And you don’t have an e-Rep yet because…???

It’s free.  It saves the sales or marketing professional time every day.  It never gets sick, or takes a day off, or even takes a break.  It’ll communicate with whomever, whenever, wherever, on-demand.  It establishes new business relationships.  It nurtures existing relationships; all of them.  It shortens sell cycles.  It increases close rates.

And you don’t have one???

Need something to help you get started developing and maintaining your very own e-Rep?  Your very own 24 X 7 X 365 sales and marketing assistant?  No matter how techno-phobic you are, you already have virtually all the skills required.  And this e-book will fill in the few gaps left.

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About Todd Youngblood

Clients value Todd Youngblood because he learns quickly and believes in rapidly and widely sharing everything he knows. Combined with thirty plus successful years in sales and marketing, these traits and experience are highly valued by sales executives. His education continues…