Still Not Convinced Of The Power of Google+?

Simple goal today — wanted to be sure you are giving due consideration to investing some energy towards engaging with prospects and your community on Google+.

The reason? I happened upon this blog post from Chris Brogan on the business applications of Google+.

But the key point that I want to be sure you see from this article? Is this:

First, realize that Google+ indexes any post you submit to the “Public” sharing option, meaning that the information in such a post is searchable in Google (the search engine, not the social network) within a few hours.

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to understand the significance of this statement.

One of the intentional purposes of content marketing is to get content indexed on the search engines that your prospects can find, which leads them direct to you, in the form of inbound marketing.

Obviously, the more content, with the right keywords, on the search engines, the more likely a prospect will find you. Similar to the more fishing lines, with the right bait, that you have in the water, the more likely a fish will nibble.

So, to recap: engage with your community on Google+. Share knowledge that will be helpful to them. And actually engage in meaningful, helpful conversations.

This is more bait in the water, and as Chris points out in the article above, this can be a very powerful tactic for nurturing relationships with critical prospects and/or referral sources.

I always suspected Google+ was going to do this, and that this would be a powerful inducement to invest time there, but this article confirms it for me.

And don’t give me any song and dance that “my prospects aren’t spending time on Google+.” I don’t want to hear it. There are 40 MILLION people on Google+, as of this writing. It is the fastest growing social network. Ever.

And remember this: if there are only a few “prospects” spending time here now, those people are the early adopters in your market space. Thus, they will be the influencers.

Might as well have them on your team…


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